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We’re On the Road Again, to a New Website! Please Join Me for the Journey. May 23, 2012

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Hello, lovely readers! Happy Hump Day!

Finally, my diabolical plan is coming together.  Well, it’s not very diabolical at all, but I’ve always wanted to have a diabolical plan.  I’ll put it on my Bucket List.

After much time thinking, deciding, and then executing, my website is UP AND RUNNING!  I decided some time ago to move to my own domain (WOW! I AM the master of my own domain!).  This was for creative reasons, and just a general wanting to have more control.  Control freak much? Yes.

The hitch is that I can’t carry my readers over automatically, I have to beg and implore you to come on over to http://dustandwanderlust.com/ and sign up over there for my posts. Would you? Could you? Please? K, thanks.

It’s an exciting day for me, I wanted to have this up and running prior to my travels so that I could drag you all along with me. I had a great team to help me, Lindsay and Alicia, to whom I am forever indebted because they dealt so patiently with me.   Their info will be shared on the new site:)

Thank you, dear readers. I hope to see you on the flip side.